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A captivating keynote speaker

Energy and use of metaphor are part of Stephan’s entertaining, inspiring and moving talks.

Stephan constantly engages his audience throughout his talks, using humour and interactive exercises as hallmark techniques to get participants on the edge of their seats. From hilarious anecdotes, by way of props, to moving stories, Stephan masters the art of taking his audience on an evocative emotional journey.

What people are saying about Stephan’s keynote presentations:

“He made us laugh, cry, and think.”

“Funny and definitely surprising!”

“We hung on to every word he said from start to finish.”

A unique experience

Watch Stephan live speaking to the executives at Bombardier, IBM and Transat.

Drawing on his experience, Stephan effectively illustrates the impact that one’s attitude can have on the final outcome when faced with change and uncertainty. He then makes parallels between his professional and personal experiences to help participants remember the importance of being adaptable in the workplace.

He reminds participants that challenges at work and at home should not translate into a negative outlook. As Stephan astutely observes: “It’s not what has happened to you that matters—it’s what you make of it”

Effective and sustainable strategies

Did you know?

Though Stephan had previous public speaking and workshop experience, his professional breakout moment took place at the Olympic Stadium, in front of 200 industry experts including event organizers and reputable talent scouts.

Having recently partnered with a speakers’ bureau, Stephan was given a week’s notice to seize an opportunity to replace former Olympic medallist and synchronized swimmer Sylvie Fréchette during a talent discovery day showcasing a number of expert speakers for prospective corporate clients.

Stephan recognized that this was a fortuitous opportunity and accepted to take on the task. As he prepared to walk on stage, his new agent provided some insight: “If you deliver, your career will take flight today…If you don’t, it may take up to three years for our clients to agree to see you again”. With this advice in mind, the stage was set for Stephan’s career to soar…

A Bestselling book

Stephan’s first book rapidly became a Bestseller and is a hit with CBC TV and Rythm FM.

Stephan is the author of Devenez maître de votre vie published by Quebecor (Note: translation forthcoming; tentative title translation: ‘Take Charge of Your Life’). This Bestselling book is informative and seeks to transform the attitude of individuals in order to get them where they really want to be. His strategies are powerful and effective.

Reviewers have said the book was an absolute page-turner, a must-read, and inspiring. Its content is accessible and easy to apply in everyday contexts. Some reviewers consider it an industry reference.

Hosts and guests discuss Stephan’s Bestselling book on French television

Stephan has also co-authored Osez réussir (French only; translation: ‘Dare to succeed’) published by Éditions Un monde different. Seven other co-authors participated in the project, each bringing their unique insight from their respective fields. Co-authors include: Steven Finn, ex-NHL captain, Mélanie Turgeon, world champion skier, and Dr. Sylvain Guimond, an expert in sports psychology who has assessed and treated elite athlete such as Mario Lemieux, Tiger Woods and players from the Montreal Canadiens’ roster. 



Did you know?

Stephan’s first Bestselling book was born out of an unexpected offer from a publisher. Stephan had received a letter saying that if a book were to be in the cards, the publisher would be happy to collaborate and help with national and international distribution. Of course, Stephan seized the opportunity and dedicated all of his time to the project. Stephan wrote the entire manuscript for Devenez maître de votre vie in only 7 days. The manuscript was subsequently sent for final editorial revisions. Three months later, Quebecor displayed copies on store shelves all across French-speaking parts of the world.

Reviewing and discussing Stephan’s Bestselling book on French radio:




Stephan’s journey


Stephan was born in Anjou, Québec  (Canada) in 1971. His father was originally from English-speaking Guyana (South America) and his mother was a Caucasian francophone from Québec. Stephan is inherently the product of a bi-racial heritage.

Stephan’s father was no stranger to illegal activities, making him well-known to local law enforcement.  Stephan’s father was physically abusive towards his son and his wife, eventually landing him in prison. Stephan was two years old when he permanently lost contact with his father, and, ultimately, his paternal family members as well. The lack of a father figure and siblings made Stephan see his mother as the centre of his universe. But, at the tender age of seven, Stephan faced a turning point:

Stephan Maighan talks about facing a turning point at the age of 7 when his mother paralysed.

“I was seven years old. I was sitting in the car, listening to my mother talking. The engine was on, but the car was idling. All of a sudden, my mother stopped talking. I asked her what was wrong, but she couldn’t…wouldn’t…answer. Her eyes were telling me not to worry, protecting me in a way. It was as though she was saying “It’s nothing; it’ll pass”. But, I wasn’t fooled. I could tell that her look was also conveying a sense of fear and confusion. She was only 28 when she suffered a severe stroke. I saw her fear and so I honked the car until someone came to help us. My mom was taken to the emergency ward and I was placed with my extended family. It took years for me to understand that my mother had suffered a stroke and that she had been in a coma for weeks. Sadly, that was the start of our woes to come. When my mother came out from her coma, and during the entire year that followed, she had no idea who I was. Despite numerous therapeutic interventions, my mother’s right side was completely paralyzed. She was also diagnosed with aphasia due to cerebral lesions, or, in laymen’s terms, she couldn’t speak Some people who suffer a stroke only have minor setbacks. Unfortunately, in my mother’s case, she was severely affected. She lost her ability to write, to read and to speak. The stroke deeply impacted our entire family. We no longer had any money and we had to rely on welfare. I had to live in foster care and boarding rooms.” Stephan had very little coping strategies to deal with certain challenges and setbacks: racism, his father’s abandonment, his mother’s stroke and the sense that he didn’t quite have a home. Today, Stephan would say that his reactions to these events were anything but exemplary. Rather than taking a positive outlook, and instead of choosing courage and determination, the way his mother would have, Stephan isolated himself and chose to rebel against authority.


Challenges and turning points

Due to learning difficulties and behavioural troubles, Stephan was expelled from four different schools. When he was 14, Stephan, who was with three friends at the time, was arrested by approximately 30 police officers. He was sent to a juvenile detention centre after being accused of conspiracy, assault and attempted murder because he happened to be by his friend’s side when the latter stabbed a man three times. Despite his unfortunate run-in with the law, Stephan felt humiliated as a teenager due to his mother’s illness and the racism he faced. He was too shy to speak in class. In fact, throughout his entire education, Stephan never participated in public speaking. Thus, today, he is living proof that a change of perspective and a positive outlook can be the key to making anything possible. Now, Stephan is a spokesperson, a radio host and a professional speaker. He engages audiences in both English and French and has made a career out of speaking in front of thousands of individuals.

Did you know?

Stephan played ice hockey for many years and even made his way up to the elite Junior level. As a goalie, he shared the net with his childhood friend, Martin Brodeur, who is a former superstar goalie for the New Jersey Devils and the St-Louis Blues. Wondering who was the number one goalie when they were on the same team? Ask Brodeur, he’ll let you know… STAY IN TOUCH WITH STEPHAN BY CLICKING HERE AND JOINING OUR NEWSLETTER

Living life to the fullest: Stephan today

Today Stephan has two children, a 20-year-old daughter and a 22-year-old son. He and his wife have been happily married for over 20 years. They live in the Eastern Townships of Québec.

Stephan decided to take charge of his life and take on wholeheartedly the responsibilities brought on by fatherhood, thus breaking the cycle of “the absent father”. He participated in numerous workshops, classes and intensive training sessions. He was enthralled by books on influence, human psychology, and the impact of personal mindset and attitude in regard to daily interactions and activities, whether at work or at home. He took a keen interest in communications and adaptability in the face of change. His research and studies not only reinforced his core beliefs as a father and husband, but also provided a sound basis on which to build his personal life philosophy.

Today, Stephan dedicates a significant part of his professional activities to imparting and sharing his positive outlook and upbeat attitude with others. He also shares his strategies and personal anecdotes through media outlets, including radio, and his corporate conferences. By owning the path we journey on and facing the differences that may set us apart, Stephan believes we can live up to our potential and make a positive contribution to the environment that surrounds us.

This may also explain Stephan’s dedication to volunteering, specifically with two organizations that prioritize positive change. Stephan has been involved with Forces Avenir, an organization that “aims to recognize, honour and promote the commitment of students in projects that contribute to the development of socially conscious, active and responsible citizens who are both dedicated to their community and open to the world”. In addition, Stephan collaborates with The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada whose mandate is to contribute to on-going research and to make a difference in heart health and research.


A true entrepreneur

An entrepreneur at heart, Stephan is the co-founder of Maighan Distribution.

Maighan Distribution ( is a Canadian company that imports, represents and wholesales renowned baby, kids and wellness products to over 500 retail stores across Canada and the United States. The company’s client list includes leading retailers, such as ”Indigo, Snuggle Bugs, Best Buy and”, among others.

Stephan Maighan is also the founder of Mentora Inc, an executive training and consulting company. Some of its clients include Airbus, Costco, Pfizer, Bombardier, Nespresso, Stanley and IBM, as well as the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence.

Did you know?

Stephan got his sales start in Western Canada. His first sales job was in Vancouver—where he sold encyclopaedias and vacuums door-to-door.

He quickly proved himself by becoming the best door-to-door sales team builder and salesperson in the country. Since then he has recruited, built and led some of the most successful sales teams in North America.

Stephan has also been a sales consultant and trainer for companies such as Stanley Canada (construction tools), MicroTec (security systems), and more.

Today, Stephan shares his proven techniques for communication and sales. He also communicates the value of having a positive outlook in the face of change through his audio CDs, books, training sessions, and business keynotes.


In the media

Radio host and media contact, Stephan is known for his expertise on communications and change management.

Many have heard Stephan on M105 104.9 FM host his radio show ”Attitude Matters”, along with his two co-hosts.

Stephan shares simple yet effective tips to help his listeners develop their attitude muscle“.

Tune in for “The Seasons” (clip available in French only)

Whether he is speaking to a troubled student, to parents, to managers or executives, Stephan will engage people with his compelling and signature messages. Using his “Perspective Glasses”, he convinces his listeners that whatever challenges they face, there is always a silver lining…even though it may be hiding in plain sight.

Motivational speaker Stephan Maighan in the media on attitude and mindset

Caring and involved

Heart and Stroke foundation spokesperson Stephan Maighan

Stephan chose to work with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada based on his personal experience and convictions.

Stephan accepted to take on the role of spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada in order to contribute positively to the work that is being done. He also wanted to do his part in creating awareness about heart disease prevention and about the impact of heart disease on society.

Given that Stephan is able to communicate fluently in both English and French, he is able to disseminate these messages to a pan-Canadian audience. He has participated in a number of funding campaigns and awareness programs in order to stress the importance of on-going research to advance scientific knowledge.

AstralMedia radio interview: (clip available in French only)

Did you know?

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death among the female population. Heart disease and stroke kills seven times more than breast cancer. One person out of every three people will die of a heart attack or of a stroke. Funding for awareness and research on an international scale has never been so paramount. Together, it is possible to rule out heart disease and stroke in order to live long, healthy lives.

»  Heart and Stroke Foundation’s website


Stephan was contacted in 2012 by Forces AVENIR, an organization that focuses on youth education and civic engagement, in order to become a member of its grand-jury, a role he still holds to this day.

Using specific criteria and utmost discernment, the grand-jury must judiciously select candidates who are exemplary leaders and who engage themselves fully in the larger community.

Award recipients on their medical project (clip available in French only)

To select award recipients, the members of the grand-jury (which comprises celebrities and former recipients) meet to evaluate each pre-selected candidate (determined by independent juries). The grand-jury then selects the recipients of the AVENIR awards. The awards ceremony is held annually in June.

The program helps finalists and award recipients at various stages of their academic careers by offering scholarships. Each year, more than 900 000 students and teachers are eligible throughout the province of Québec. Awarded scholarship funds total approximately $275 000.

»  Forces AVENIR website


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