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Motivational Keynote Speaker, Stephan Maighan, Leadership

A people-centric and innovative keynote designed to get participants to reflect on the importance of entrepreneurial and personal leadership.

How many people have heard the phrase "that person is a natural-born leader"? Is leadership an innate competency or can people develop to become leaders? This conference is designed for team leaders: Stephan's goal is to impart a framework for spearheading teams, which includes strategies for growing one's influence and impact.    

Designed to help your leaders and staff increase their influence and effectively translate their efforts into results, this conference focuses on practical solutions to create and sustain professional relationships to ensure collaboration, performance, and productivity in the workplace. Stephan’s drive and ‘zero-excuse’ attitude have made him a successful team leader at the helm of many of North America’s most successful sales teams.

Whether the target audience comprises 15 executives or 5000 participants, his keynote presentations are always tailored to client-driven needs and expectations.

Keynote presentation goals:

  1. Demonstrating how to be a mentally-strong yet human leader, one with heart and courage
  2. Instilling the importance of valuing staff so that they feel engaged; fostering leadership
  3. Imparting the importance of creating and sustaining professional relationships to foster cooperation and job satisfaction
  4. Taking stock of the importance of the leader’s role within an organization
  5. Demonstrating the usefulness and relevance of active listening, charisma and personality
  6. Helping participants to realize influence is not about a job title, it is about human qualities

Added benefits:

  1. Creating enthusiasm for the leader’s role within the organization
  2. Helping participants to optimize human resources and capital to foster collective synergy within an organization
  3. Boosting leaders’ self-esteem and confidence
  4. Instilling new attitudes and views in regard to team challenges

Available options:

  • Keynote: 45 min. / 60 min. / 75 min. / 90 min.
  • Keynote + Workshop: ½ Day / Full Day
  • Custom Training: ½ Day / Full Day
  • Moderating/Facilitating ½ Day / Full Day
  • All services are available in French and/or English 

Custom keynote title:

Clients can choose to change the title of the keynote to correspond to the event's main theme.

What people are saying:

  • “A survey conducted after the conference revealed 97% satisfaction among staff. This clearly indicates the clarity and the relevance of Stephan Maighan's keynote.” – Sebastien Laflamme, Director, Canada Economic Development
  • “Participants were unanimous: in very little time, Stephan was able to create a rapport with his audience and convey messages that that were appropriate to the current context. Thank you we have strongly recommended your services to our colleagues.” – Sylvain Simard, Vice-President of Business Development, La Capitale
  • “You took us on a ride through the entire range of emotions. You made us reflect on the way we react to various events in our lives and showed us how our response makes all the difference” – Line Desloges, agr. MBA, Bio-food sector economics advisor, Ministère de l'agriculture, des pêcheries et de l'alimentation du Québec
  • “We had high hopes for your performance and you rose to the occasion. The feedback I received was all very positive. Bottom line: I’m a very satisfied customer.” – Louis Labelle, Director, IBM Canada
  • “Your experience and stories had a real impact. Your energy, dynamic presence and accessibility were appreciated by all conference attendees. Bravo!” – Sophie-Anne Soumis, Coordinator, Corporate services CFP Val d’Or

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