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Meeting Facilitator and moderator Stephan Maighan

Business meeting facilitator and moderator Stephan Maighan will bring a productive rhythm to any meeting and set it in the right direction -no matter the field.

In a neutral, non-threatening and mutually respectful environment, Stephan facilitates collaboration and effectiveness during your employee and management meetings. By creating the necessary conditions, Stephan ensures that everyone is able to participate equally and in a respectful manner.

Current group atmosphere, key players, points of discussion, topics to avoid, and professional context are all taken into account before Stephan facilitates an employee or business meeting. Extensive preparation is key to playing a successful role in the meetings and to helping participants explore all stakes, challenges, and solutions.

Meeting Facilitator and moderator Stephan Maighan

Meeting goals and respecting deadlines.

A productive meeting has a specific goal with a specific deadline. While a good business meeting can produce results, a bad meeting can be a waste of time.

More and more organizations are looking for immediate ROI when it comes to their meetings. These organizations turn to expert communicator, Stephan Maighan. By bringing in an external moderator or facilitator, managers demonstrate the importance of neutrality and efficiency in meetings.

Stephan will keep teams on track, whether the goal is to make decisions, share information, evaluate the organization, address certain behaviours, strengthen the team, brainstorm, or a blend of these reasons. He will stick to the goals but be flexible in his approach, motivating teams to push forward.

Meeting Facilitator and moderator Stephan Maighan motivational speaker

What people are saying

about Stephan's expertise and professionalism as a moderator and business meeting facilitator.

“The mandate that we gave to you to manage was not typical. Therefore, we had to trust your input and your professionalism from previous meetings. The unanimous opinion of our managers and the results of our meetings have proved that we were not mistaken in bringing you in as facilitator for our planning meetings. Here is what one of our directors had to say:

“I would like to thank you for the management committee meeting these past two days. It was, in my opinion, the most mobilizing meeting that we have had in three years.” ”

Manon Arsenault, Business Analysis Executive, Desjardins Financial Security



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