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Even the best keynote presentation can seem ineffective if elements like room temperature, lighting, audiovisual equipment and setting are not ideal. We have created the following “prep‑list page” specifically with event planners and meeting planners in mind. Stephan’s motto states: “Commit yourself to living and performing to your full potential”. By helping our team assist you in creating a memorable event, you will be ensuring that your participants benefit from the Maighan promise: “More than a conference—an experience”. This prep-list is your one-stop-shop: promotional materials, photos, and equipment specifications—everything is outlined to simplify the event planner’s job. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.


If you would like to use pictures of Stephan to help advertise the event, we’ve created a simple list to help:

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Stephan Maighan is a professional keynote speaker who is known for his adaptable style and personalized talks. In order to better understand the context and purpose of your event, including your participants’ needs, a 30 to 60‑minute teleconference can be scheduled to facilitate event and conference planning. Prior to the teleconference, clients are asked to complete an info-sheet which is designed to help Stephan obtain additional information. This step also enables a constructive and efficient discussion during the teleconference. Please download and complete the info-sheet prior to your scheduled teleconference:



  • 1 LAPEL-MICROPHONE with new batteries (required only for groups of 30 or more participants); please note: Stephan does not use head-set microphones.
  • Screen + Canon Projector + VGA adapter (for PC laptop)
  • Stephan uses his personal laptop during conferences and keynotes; he also brings a copy of the presentation on a USB key
  • Surround sound speakers for music and videos played throughout keynote (sound quality must be appropriate for the size of the room/type of room)
  • An audio cable must be available on stage. IMPORTANT: Music and videos are embedded in Stephan’s PowerPoint Presentation; therefore, an audio cable that connects the laptop to the sound system must be readily available before the talk.
  • A stage or platform (depending on room size) to ensure that all participants can see Stephan. Conversely, the stage must also be set up such that Stephan can see and connect with the audience as well.
  • To ensure proximity, the stage must not be any further than 6 feet away from the audience.
  • Ceilings should be at least 9 feet high (to accommodate certain props if applicable). If this poses a problem, please advise during the teleconference.
  • Stephan’s laptop must be on stage during the entire talk as opposed to off stage or next to a sound console. All necessary cables should also be on stage.
  • Lighting must be appropriate for the room and must not project towards the screen (to avoid glare). Room lighting (over the audience) must be set between 80 to 100% to facilitate interaction, particularly during audience participation. Do not dim the lights.
  • Stephan provides his own remote with volume control for music and videos.
  • Stephan does not require the use of a podium or lectern; please remove them from the stage prior to the conference.
  • ROOM TEMPERATURE: Depending on its size, it can take up to 2 hours for a room to reach an ideal temperature. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the room temperature anywhere between 19.5C and 20.5C (67 to 69F) before the start of the presentation. It should be noted that room temperature will rise when audience members arrive. It is imperative that the room temperature not be too warm or hot during the presentation, particularly for late-day or evening events, as well as during or after a meal. Participants usually become irritated or distracted when temperature settings are set too warm or too cold. Ideally, cooler settings are preferable to warmer settings, particularly when the conference includes participatory activities.


  • Speaker and audience should be in close proximity to facilitate interaction. Please direct participants towards the front of the room to avoid empty spaces.
  • In smaller, round-table settings, please advise participants to sit on one side of the table (in the shape of a half-moon) so that all participants have a good view of the speaker and the screen.
  • If you are planning on scheduling the conference during meal, please let us know so that activities can be planned accordingly.


  • 2 Dad’s brand cookies with a small glass of milk prior to the keynote presentation (Just kidding; cookies aren’t necessary; Stephan likes to use a bit of humour).
  • 2 water bottles or 2 glasses of water should be available on stage during the talk
  • A small table should be placed at the front of the stage for the speaker’s material
  • A merchandising table should be located close to the front of the stage. The sales of Audio CDs and books will ensure strategies are remembered and built on after the conference.

Note: if some items are unavailable or if certain requests cannot be accommodated, please let us know as soon as possible.


I am pleased to introduce a man who, over the years, has been inspired by those who set themselves apart and who master the art of excellence. His drive and his zero-excuse attitude have helped him lead some of North America’s most successful work teams. His first book, Take charge of your life, has been chosen favorite in magazines, on television and on the radio. His book has rapidly become a best-seller across Canada and Europe. Many have also heard him host his radio show «Attitude Matters» and he has also taken on the role of spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Here today, presenting his keynote _______________________, please help me welcome Mr. Stephan Maighan.

Please note: The speaker intro can be modified depending on the nature of the event and the type of audience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to suggest modifications or if you have questions.


Stephan Maighan, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Consultant & Speaker

A true entrepreneur, Stephan Maighan is the co-founder of Maighan Distribution, a company that imports and wholesales baby, kids and wellness products to over 500 retail stores across North-America including Indigo, Best-Buy, Snuggle Bugs and He is also the founder of Mentora Inc, a training and consulting company for leaders, managers, employees and entrepreneurs.

His oratory skills and his zero-excuse attitude have earned him dozens of international invitations. Some of his clients include Airbus, Costco, Pfizer, Bombardier, Nikon, Dupont, BNP Paribas, Price-Waterhouse-Cooper, Club Med, Nespresso, Stanley and IBM, as well as the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence. He also had the honor of sharing his ideas at the ESSEC Business School in Paris, the Military Symposium on Cybersecurity, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others.

Since 2011, he has accepted the role of spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and contributes actively to the Foundation’s awareness and fund raising activities nationwide.

In 2018, his Excellency the Right Honorable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, awarded him the «Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers», an official honour created by the Crown to celebrate and recognize the exceptional volunteer achievements and the wide range of voluntary contributions of some Canadians. This medal honors their passion, dedication and commitment both in Canada and abroad.

His first book, «Take charge of your life», which will also be available in English in 2019, has rapidly become a best-seller and has been chosen favorite on French radio and television. Many have also heard him on 104.9 FM while he was hosting his weekly radio show called “Attitude Matters”.

A sought-after keynote speaker, Stephan Maighan is invited to speak at more than 75 events per year around the world.

Stephan and his wife have been married for over 20 years, they have a 21-year-old daughter, a McGill University student and a 23-year-old son, entrepreneur and former Concordia University student.


Stephan delivers keynote presentations that engage his audience, using humour and interactive exercises as hallmark techniques to get participants on the edge of their seats. His motto is simple: “Commit yourself to living and performing to your full potential”. He is touching and captivating and uses personal and professional experiences to impart powerful strategies.

Over the years, Stephan has been inspired by those who distinguish themselves and who master the art of excellence. His drive and his ‘zero-excuse’ attitude have helped him lead some of North America’s most successful sales teams. A true entrepreneur, Stephan is the founder of a Canadian distribution company that sells products and apparel in over 400 retail outlets nationwide. He is the author of a French book on taking charge of your life, which is a hit with readers and Québec media outlets alike. He has also co-authored another book on achieving success.

Stephan Maighan has taken on the role of spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and contributes actively to the Foundation’s media-related activities nationwide. You can tune in and listen to his radio show “Attitude Matters” on M105 104.9FM (Québec, Canada).

Using a wide array of personal experiences that open up on central themes such as ‘Growing and Adapting’ (Stephan, an only child, became the “man of the house” at 7 years old after his father left and after his mother became paralyzed due to a stroke) and ‘Dare to attempt the impossible’ (at 21 years old, Stephan, who was broke and couldn’t speak English, drove across Canada to move to Vancouver where he became the top sales leader in the country), Stephan Maighan imparts effective strategies and compelling anecdotes to create lasting, unparalleled results.


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