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Competitive markets make team colaboration essential.

Organizations need teams that comprise employees with shared objectives and who are also willing to surmount shared obstacles. A corporate culture of collaboration and teamwork is therefore an essential building block for any organization. This conference is designed to show your staff how to translate individual human talent and competencies into an effective team strategy. Effective teams who know how to maximize each member's skills into results are teams that will succeed far more than individuals who work in silos.

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Stephan Maighan, Team work

This conference focuses on fostering and implementing collaborative and team frameworks between partners, employees within the same organization, clients, or distributors. Strategies include creating a corporate attitude of cooperation.

Over the years, Stephan has been inspired by those who distinguish themselves and who master the art of excellence. His drive and ‘zero-excuse’ attitude have made him a successful team leader at the helm of many of North America’s most successful sales teams. 

Whether the target audience comprises 15 executives or 5000 participants, his keynote presentations are always tailored to client-driven needs and expectations.

Keynote presentation goals:

  1. Leveraging the competencies of individuals towards team goals
  2. Instilling positive attitudes towards collaboration
  3. Promoting accountability between team members
  4. Demonstrating and imparting that a successful organization is one that promotes teamwork
  5. Emphasizing the importance of teamwork in relation to success, particularly in an increasingly competitive market
  6. Imparting that individuals are stronger together

Added benefits:

  1. Increasing autonomy and satisfaction among team members.
  2. Facilitating effective distribution of team knowledge and resources.
  3. Helping staff appreciate each member's value, regardless of level.
  4. Helping participants to gain a new perspective and positive outlook in regard to current organizational realities.

Available options:

  • Keynote: 45 min. / 60 min. / 75 min. / 90 min.
  • Keynote + Workshop: ½ Day / Full Day
  • Custom Training: ½ Day / Full Day
  • Moderating/Facilitating ½ Day / Full Day
  • All services are available in French and/or English 

Custom keynote title:

Clients can choose to change the title of the keynote to correspond to the event's main theme.

What people are saying:

  • “A keynote conference worth talking about! If you're interested in teamwork, Stephan Maighan is a must-see speaker.” – Eve Charette, Senior Manager Student Service Centres, Desjardins
  • “Our employees really enjoyed your dynamic presence and the relevance of what you had to say. Particularly when you tied in your personal life and experience. In my opinion, the objectives were exceeded.” – Astrid Telasco, Director Products Division, Environment Canada
  • “Thank you again for a wonderful performance last week. All three keynote presentations were excellent and you generously shared your energy with the crowd.” – Jacynthe Larochelle, HR Regional Director (Bromont), IBM Canada
  • “Kudos to Stephan Maighan. I would recommend him as a speaker for all the schools in the province.” – Ginette Cote, President, Estuaire School Board
  • “Your bilingual keynotes really spoke to the realities of our industry. It was the highlight of our convention.” – Sam Donofrio, President, Capilia/Novera International

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