I spend great time speaking to various audiences and training teams internationally. My goal? To help people become their very best every day - at work, at home, with colleagues and in society. I guide people on the path to find more confidence, become the leaders they were meant to be, accelerate their performance and get better results for themselves and their organization.

Before My Speaking Career


Nothing in my very humble and hard beginnings would have predicted this path.

I grew up a very shy kid with behavioral issues, a mother with serious health problems and no father figure. Getting started in door-to-door sales slowly broke me out of my shell to communicate and connect with people. Over time, I started a family, transitioned from B2C to B2B, began breaking sales records, started managing and training teams, consulting for organizations, and eventually wrote the book that would guide me down this path to sharing my message on stage.

''I was willing to fail, but unwilling to quit.''

Stephan Maighan


I went from a 'no future' kid to helping thousands find their


Today, I get to help startups to and Fortune 500 companies improve their performance levels by teaching them the foundational principles of a high-performance mindset using my proprietary CLEAR™ method.

my story

I was born in Anjou, Québec (Canada), from a francophone mother and an English-speaking father originated from Guyana. My father turned to be an adept of illegal activities and he was abusive to our family, which eventually landed him in prison. I was 2 years old when I lost contact with him. My mother became the center of my universe and I was hers. It was not perfect, but we made it work. Until the day years later when our lives changed permanently. I was 7 years old when my mother had a stroke that left her paralyzed. Before I could fully understand what was going on, we no longer had an income, which forced us to move into low-income housing. My life had changed for the second time in such a short period of time and I was about to be taught the art of resilience. I started having behavioural issues and learning difficulties, was expelled from 4 different schools and had some juvenile troubles with justice. That added to my humiliation as a teenager with no paternal figure, whose mother happened to be mute and paralyzed, and who faced racism frequently, I was too shy to be able to speak up. Even in school I never participated in any public speaking activity. That was my life. Until I had a wake-up call and decided to change my destiny...

I started to participate in many workshops, classes and intensive training sessions that completely shifted my mindset. I read books on influence, psychology and the impact of mindset and attitude regarding our daily interactions and activities as human beings, whether in the workplace or in the personal area. My journey on the path to a brand-new life began. And I started to take full responsibility and control over my life. My learnings were largely centered on psychology, communication and adaptability in the face of change. That not only reinforced my desire and core beliefs as a father and husband to a better life, it also created a solid basis on which to build my personal philosophy. I've been happily married for over 25 years, with a daughter and a son, both pursuing their university studies as well as entrepreneurial journey, they are my ultimate pride and joy. I deeply think that a change of perspective and a positive outlook are key to making almost anything possible in life. I am a living proof of that philosophy and I want others to benefit from my experience. That’s what drives me through the many conferences, workshops and coaching sessions in which I engage both with French and English-speaking audiences. Mentora Inc., the executive training and consulting company that I created, is trusted by great clients such as Airbus, Costco Wholesale, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bombardier, Nespresso, Stanley and IBM, as well as several government agencies, Canada Revenue Agency, Bank of Canada (Canada's central bank), the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence. All different profiles but the same need: uncover their people's full potential. An entrepreneur at heart, I co-founded MAIGHAN DISTRIBUTION INC. with my wife, a Canadian company that imports represents and wholesales renowned baby, kids and wellness products such as Haakaa, Greensprouts, BIBS and Scrunch to over 2000 retail stores across Canada and the United States. The company’s client list includes leading retailers, such as Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Toys R US, Best Buy, Indigo, Clément and among others.

I also dedicate part of my time to volunteering. I have been involved with Forces Avenir, an organization that “aims to recognize, honor and promote the commitment of students in projects that contribute to the development of socially conscious, active and responsible citizens who are both dedicated to their community and open to the world”. In addition, I collaborate with THE HEART AND STROKE FOUNDATION OF CANADA, a leading funder of life-saving initiatives which contribute to on-going research that make a difference in Canadians' heart health. (Official HSF Site) I was honored with the Governor General of Canada' SOVEREIGN'S MEDAL FOR VOLUNTEERS which goal is to recognize and "show gratitude to outstanding individuals and to inspire all Canadians to excellence." (Official Gorvernor General Site) More about the GOVERNOR GENERAL'S AWARD CEREMONY (Media and Images)By owning the path we journey on and facing the differences that set us apart, I believe we can live up to our ideal self and make a positive contribution to the environment and community we live in. Now your turn. Let’s uncover your inner force and drive. Your journey to greatness and a meaningful impact starts NOW!

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